Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Bradley Beal's 'Pokemon Mentality'

Upon the Wizards victory over the Grizzlies in today's NBA Summer League matchup, rookie guard Bradley Beal felt it was time to reward himself.

Monday, July 16, 2012

President Obama: 'Kiss Cam' Victim

During 2nd quarter of the USA versus Brazil 2012 London Olympic exhibition match at DC's own Verizon Center, President Barack Obama and First Lady Michelle Obama were victims of the Phonebooth's very aggressive 'Kiss Cam' operators:

The 'Kiss Cam' got the First Couple in the early stages of the 4th quarter once more, and this time they absolutely nailed it.

The Verizon Center 'Kiss Cam' crew deserves some credit here as they are always getting people good, whether it be the President & First Lady, unsuspecting couples in the crowd or players sitting on the bench (home and away, no one is safe), they really get you to look up at the Jumbotron and wish for that oh so magical kiss.


This 10 minute short video was posted on Kevin Tancharoen's Twitter (@KTANCH) today.  He was the director of the online mini-series Mortal Kombat Legacy (a second season was just announced), which is a similar effort to this rendition of the Punisher, called #DirtyLaundry.  Take a look.