Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Fantasy Football Finals

Somehow I made the Fantasy Football Finals as a 6th seed with all wide deceivers.  But thankfully I had Lesean and Gronk to carry me all season.  Tebow helped, too.



Feel free to post ideas on starts / sleepers for this week, it'll be much appreciated in the WR department.

Preseason Observations (as of 12/21)

Preseason makes me realize how much I enjoy watching small market teams ball.  Talented young guys really get a chance to flash some of their skill with extended minutes and carve out a role.  A few small market squads have amassed a good amount of young talent from these "Super-team" transactions (Jazz, Nuggets) and others are in a nice rebuilding position with talented young guys (Wolves, Cavs, Bobcats, Pistons, Kings, Rockets).  But some teams are building towards NBA mediocrity (Wizards, Warriors, Pacers, Sixers).

Just running through some disorganized thoughts I had while watching some of the preseason games tonight:

  • Richard Hamilton on the Bulls seems to be a very sexy fit. Starting 5 as a whole looks much better, should be a realistic contender this year.
    • Now or never for Bulls; paying 4 players (Rose, Deng, Noah, Boozer) $55.6m (via  ) with an amnesty chillin
  • Kyrie Irving will overtake Ramon Sessions in less than 3 games.  Bold prediction, I know.
  • Steph Curry still has jelly ankles, which saddens me greatly
  • I still love Marcus Thornton
  • JJ Hickson is first ballot Preseason HOF
  • Brandon Wright possibly filling the gap of Chandler intrigues me
  • David West misses Chris Paul
  • The Hawks need to sign James Posey
  • NBATV commercials are worse than ever #bringbackshakeweight
  • Kemba Walker's jumper is sopping
  • Best part about this year's Clippers for me: Chauncey Billups playing alongside Chris Paul or Caron Butler reunited with Randy Foye?
  • World Peace could not be found in last night's box score
  • Shelvin Mack and Gordon Hayward are ballers
  • Magic are awful.  I want Dwight Howard to get traded already so the Wiz can beat up on someone (hopefully)
  • Marreese Speights is a clown'
  • Will I be cool for knowing who Omri Casspi is when I travel to Israel?  He also looks good
  • Luke LOLangody 
  • Lakers will be a higher playoff seed than the Clippers
  • Tyler Hansbrough = Tim Tebow
Wizards Related:
  • Wizards 0-2 preseason is definitely a good thing
  • Nick Young is so chillin
  • Andray Blatche is chillin too
  • Trevor Booker makes me happy
  • Nick Young got an assist
  • It's going to be a long short season

Monday, June 27, 2011

Post Draft Thoughts

Although I didn't really stick with posting my NBA Playoffs bets on the blog, I enjoyed doing it and I will probably do it to a fuller capacity next season, assuming there is one. I found it tough to fully envelope myself in the game if I was thinking about my blog and such. However, DP and I were extremely successful betting throughout the playoffs and the Mavericks were a big part of it. We went 12-1 taking the Mavericks against the spread (ATS) throughout, and the Finals were no different. Anyone who bought points for the Mavs probably felt even better each game they covered. As the season is over, and my sports knowledge is primarily limited to NBA and NFL. DP is taking over the reigns as account manager. We ended up taking a few bets on the Draft and came out on top with all but one of them cashing in. We went heavy on Kemba Walker getting picked later than the 6th Pick (+6.5) and cashed in quite nicely. One would say DP is ballin'.

Regarding the actual draft though, I feel really good with how the Wizards' management performed. Taking Jan Vesely at 6 was obviously the bright spot. We wanted him, he wanted us, a match made in heaven. As he kissed his girlfriend in celebration, we had to pause it (<3 DVR) and make note that she was near 6'3" and upon further Google inspection, realized she was part of the Czech Republic Woman's National team. Anyway, I really liked drafting Chris Singleton and Shelvin Mack as we addressed several gaping holes in our roster with young talent. Chris Singleton has the ability to be a lock down defender in the NBA, clearly something the Wizards have lacked since (...Deshawn?) forever, and Shelvin Mack as a solid back-up point guard for John Wall. This ended up possibly being the best draft the Wizards (maybe even Bullets, too) have seen in a long, long time, and the best under Grunfeld by far, so yeah, it's a big deal.

Monday, May 23, 2011

Mavericks vs. Thunder; Game 4 Western Conference Finals

Tonight DP and I have the Mavs taking Game 4 on the road in OKC. One of the best playoff road teams we have ever seen, this team seems to be on a mission and is extremely hungry. Dirk has had some relatively off games, and I think he comes back with a strong(er) performance tonight. Mavs will go up early and OKC will struggle to come back until it's too late, so I like the points and over. Most money is on OKC from what I have seen, but I think we can expect big games from Chandler and Marion tonight. Mavericks have been very good to us all post-season, and we have an incredible 8-1 record taking them against the spread. Feeling good about this one.

May 23, 2011:

  • [Me/DP] Mavericks +155 ML
  • [DP] Mavericks Adjusted Line -4.5 (+250)
  • [DP] Over 195.5
  • [DP] Over 196
  • [DP] Mavericks +4


  • [DP] Dirk Nowitzki (Mavs) Odds to Win the 2011 NBA Finals MVP +1500

Sunday's Results:

0-4; massive Bulls fail on Sunday. Keith Bogans especially. First half accumulation = 5, second half accumulation = 0. Lame. Back to the drawing board, these nights happen.

Sunday, May 22, 2011

Back in Business

Yo. I've been completely consumed by the NBA Playoffs so my blog collected some dust. I want to bring the light and share some knowledge considering the NBA Draft is in a month and the Finals even sooner. So with the Wizards all but forgotten on the scene (with a weak 6th overall pick), I have tuned my NBA involvement up one notch. A single notch.

DP and I started betting on NBA in April and have had solid success with profit at 200% and as high as 350%. We experienced a slight, recent slump but these playoffs have truly been a circus. My reason for blogging our picks is so I can record my thought processes and progress as well as track useful statistics and sources.

We begin with Bulls vs. Heat Game 3 of 2011 Conference Finals. Splendid.

Bulls vs. Heat; Game 3 Eastern Conference Finals

Tonight I'm really liking the Bulls and DP the under. We both feel very good about the under and it's going to be close. Our refs tonight tend to let players play, so we can expect a defensive struggle all game. However, the Bulls will not struggle as they did in Game 2, and I am fully expecting them to bounce back from that terrible performance. There are a few things that will not occur in this game that occured in Game 2: Bulls 3-20 3P FG, Haslem dominance and terrible Bulls FT shooting (61.5%).

Haslem and LeBron will, relatively, come back to earth in game 3. Heat will take the lead going in to the 2nd half but Bulls will come back to win and cover. Some things I expect to occur include: Big game by Noah, better SG play for Bulls and for Bosh to once again handle Boozer. Bulls are 27-11 ATS as a road dog, and I believe Miami gets cold quickly because of the three day layoff. However, Miami is undefeated at home in the playoffs. That ends tonight.

May 22, 2011:

  • [Me] Bulls +170 ML
  • [DP] Under 179
  • [Me](Parlay) Bulls +4.5 / Under 179.5
  • [DP](Player prop) Keith Bogans (Bulls) Total Points+Rebounds+Assists: Over 6.5 (-105)


  • [DP] Dirk Nowitzki (Mavs) Odds to Win the 2011 NBA Finals MVP +1500