Sunday, June 6, 2010

Free Agency Wish List

Since the season has ended, I have read a good amount of articles and blog posts discussing the state of the Wizard's free-agency situation, as well as chronologically listing specific players that can be obtained to contend in the 2011-2012 season (which is clearly the most realistic scenario). I admire those bloggers who put that much time and thought into the prospective success of the Wizards, but I like to keep it simple. While I know every guy on a team can make an impact - especially on an oft-injured, possibly cursed Wizards squad - but I prefer to discuss our options in terms of possible star and role player acquisitions. My list begins with the players who are likely going to demand a max contract. This section includes Dwayne Wade and the possible sign-and-trade scenario for Chris Bosh. While watching the Heat play or using them in NBA Live 10, it's evident that they always have a chance to win because of Wade. The only other player that has that effect on a game is Kobe. He has that killer instinct and the ability to will his team to victory, much like Jordan in his day. Unfortunately, all of this D. Wade drooling is for naught because he's staying put, because the Heat will likely sign Bosh, Amar'e or Boozer. But fantasizing about a John Wall / Dwayne Wade backcourt is quite stimulating. So Bosh is the next best thing for the Wiz to set their sights on. I've long enjoyed the idea of trading Blatche, Mike Miller and Earl Boykins (LOL, if we can trade Stevenson we can trade anyone). Blatche showed us many things this season, but I think he can still be considered an asset because so often does Wizards management see failure where other teams see success (see Chris Webber, Ben Wallace, 'Sheed, Richard Hamilton...etc). On a tangent, we now have different management (from which those moves took place) who has proven their ability to identify failure almost immediately, and correct it just as quickly. Point being, it's time to identify Blatche as such and move him while he has value, as he could instantly replace Bosh in the starting lineup for the Raptors. My opinions on Blatche may dishearten some, mainly because he played pretty well for us the second half of the season. But somehow, someway he reverts back to his enigmatic self (remember the triple-double that almost was?). Really, I don't know how other teams see Blatche, and whether they weigh on his skills or attitude more, but this is my blog, damnit.

This is where this gets fun: the second tier of Free-Agents. Atop my list of second tier players is Rudy Gay. Now here is a guy that run with Wall without dominating the ball. Just imagine the alley-oops. Actually, not just the alley-oops, but mostly. Gay is also a Baltimore native, and is really a classy guy. He was hangin' with 'Zo in Haiti recently and really just seems like a guy anyone would want to play with. He has the talent, the IQ and wouldn't demand an absurd salary, which would give us the opportunity to sign another guy. We need a small forward, so fingers crossed.

This is an older, unfinished post, much as happened since then.

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