Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Go Hard or Go Home

I bet ya'll didn't expect me to put some mushy personal reflection junk on my blog. Well surprise, because a lot has been going on and it may explain my blogging hiatus (see last blog post date). I've been working harder than I've been partying, and the permanence of that is slowly setting in.

This summer season has been pretty amazing and already has been better than those passed. Simply put, things are finally going my way and I'm taking advantage of it. Starting off with a week in Palm Springs, CA and then another week in Outer Banks, NC was perfect. I wish I stayed on top of the blog better so I could recap both trips, but truthfully most of it isn't made for the public...except Jonathan jumping off a second story balcony (I wish I had a video of that). I was in Palm Springs for my cousins wedding and it was absolutely beautiful. It was pretty hot, but the scenery with the mountainous backdrop was breathtaking, along with the palm trees and wonderful wedding reception made the heat a non-issue. Speaking of which, it's pretty hot in MD right now, around 103 degrees? And I think it's supposed to stay around there so it's time to hit up the pool on the regular.

Anyway, it was my first time visiting Outer Banks, and hostess Romina picked out a great spot for us. There was about 15 of us, and the house was about three miles from any roads, so we got to sandbuggy Jonathon's expedition. We grilled everyday, the waves were massive and wild horses were wandering about the area. Just a great experience with people I become better friends with each day. Can't wait till round 2. Some other adventures I had included getting kicked out of the Kentland's Tiki Bar, which was pretty absurd. Then last weekend, spent the evening in Adam's Morgan at District, where I had fun with Arya, Kadima and Vir, and even more fun on the metro. I get attacked out of nowhere by a destroyed Scott Stables, who then proceeded to cross metro cars through the emergency exits, where we met with Will Lee and Jason Furst. Great night with friends new and old.

After OBX though, it was back to reality and back to work. However, much of my time was dedicated to finding new opportunities, such as jobs, school, internships and volunteering opportunities. I struck gold in a couple of those categories, as I was accepted into UMBC for the fall to finish up my bachelor's, and I am currently awaiting a decision on a job opportunity that will allow me to act as a guru for the Crohn's and Colitis Foundation of America's social marketing project. I really hope I can get this because not only is it a great resume builder, but I have a personal interest in both social marketing and the CCFA. I believe I have a lot to offer them, including personal experience and expertise. Fingers crossed.

Also upon my return, I had the pleasure of enjoying each NBA Finals game. There hadn't been a 7 game Finals series in a while, and this series was amazing. I found myself rooting for the Celtics, and yes it felt very dirty, but overall I had no personal stake in either team. Watching Nate Rob and Ron Ron do their things was the best part, but unfortunately Peirce was invisible for the most part and surprisingly, Kobe was less than amazing. Watching the Finals makes me that much more excited for the possibilities that come with a new season - aka John Wall. I'll absolutely have more on the draft and a summer league/ regular season preview in the coming days.

Right now I have a ton on my mind: planning for fall semester (classes, living situation, transfer stuff, etc), finishing this summer class, quitting my job, Caleb returning from China, Bobby having surgery, Zach and Daniel's birthdays this weekend and trying to make some money before moving out. This should be a great week once I get all my ducks in a row. Tonight I'm seeing Toy Story with someone special before she leaves the country, Caleb comes home from China tomorrow, and I get to hang with the OG crew this weekend to celebrate some birthdays...life is good.

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