Wednesday, July 7, 2010

The Writing on the Wall

The blog name is finalized I suppose. I'm glad I could thieve this name from @MikePradaSBN when he tweeted it, and I'm hopeful no one else did. Ernie Grunfield also hilariously dubbed Yi Jianlian the Great Wall of Chinatown, so it seems we have the city walled off. Having Yi and Kirk Hinrich certainly should make things interesting next season, and should give John Wall the ability to penetrate with the floor spaced. I'm so goddamn excited for next season, regardless of it's outcome, because I get to watch him play. I'm hoping to get some sort of affordable ticket pacakge to do so live, but we shall see what the prices look like towards the start of the season. I wanted to do a post entirely devoted to Wall, but around the time of the draft I was too caught up in the excitement so I ignored my duties of filling minds with DC championship aspirations. I'm sorry, but I'm back now so lets make due.

It was an interesting day in hoops, as D. Wade and Bosh joined forces in Miami, while Boozer agreed to terms of a deal with Chicago. The numbers don't matter to me too much because they're all making ridiculous money, but I'm glad Boozer could get Rudy Gay cash and that Chi-town didn't up empty handed. With that said, LeBron James will not be going there - he will be staying in Cleveland. As if I didn't hate the guy enough, the thought of him going on national television (ESPN @ 9 pm EST - boycott!!!) and dissing his hometown team for a scrubby Knicks squad would just be icing on the cake. We all know he's a douchebag. He dragged us this far with his ego-mania by announcing and rescheduling his decision date at least two or three times, and really making it tough for any team to finalize their plans because most lower-tier free agents can't do jack until he decides. While I'm sure he's already decided, I don't really care where he goes. The Heat thing would be cool, especially watching them try to field a team with three superstars and 12 minimum level "veterans"; the Bulls could work, but I actually like that team so I'm hoping he doesn't; him going to the Knicks would be hilarious because people (New Yorkers) will think they matter again, because we all know the Knicks ever mattering the in the NBA = biggest NBA myth. Well shit, I just wrote a paragraph about LeBron James, does that mean I care where he goes? NO! I really just feel bad for players and teams that want to actually make some moves to improve their teams because LeBron's decision hinders all of that. This article really sums up my thoughts well, just a little more vulgar than I prefer.

Another big myth is that Mike Miller is a shooter. I remember seeing him hoist approximately 7 three pointers last season, which is why I'm confused that he is in such high demand. Please take him away and overpay him. The Knicks and Cavs are going pretty hard for him, using the knowledge that he and LeBron are pals as a way to lure LeBron or surround him with capable "shooters". How can LeBron be friends with anyone but himself? Maybe I just don't get it.

To no one's surprise, Ray Allen resigned with the Celtics for 2 years and $20, which is totally reasonable and awesome because he deserves every penny. Screw all haters who watched him play for the first time during the Finals and think he's done. Don't hold your breath for Ray Allen fail-fest round 2 because it is NOT coming. The Celtics will be back strong next year with Kwame Brown ownage (seriously), so be ready. The Clippers are going to be back strong too! Wait, they haven't been strong since, well, ever, but they now have .500 coach Vinny Del Negro so they will surely have the talent and ability to climb from the depths to mediocrity. Not bad for the Clips. They drafted fairly well, have Blake Griffin returning, an All-Star center in Kaman and my guy Baron Davis healthy, so no excuse for less than mediocrity from these guys this year. Other than these little tidbits, all I have left to say is that Evan Turner kind of sucks thus far (I've actually watched some Summer League and I know its fairly meaningless, so hush). My hopes are that my next post comes soon and have some interesting Summer League points since I've actually watched more than some of it. These are just my hopes though, I hope I don't get my hopes up.

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